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Mini-Moon: Honeymoon Options For Couples With Limited Time And Funds

So you’ve spent months upon months, perhaps even a few years saving up for your big day, only to realize that post-party private celebrations, a.k.a, the honeymoon is just as, if not more expensive. And, going anywhere “worthwhile” means taking extra time off from work, and losing a good part of your much-needed salary.

Does that mean you’ll have to settle? According to experts, the answer is yes and no. Many newlyweds with hectic (work) schedules and/or limited finances often wind up finding and acceptable “compromise”.

If you don’t have anything or anywhere particular in mind, but are limited on time, you can experience a wonderfully romantic vacation without venturing too far from home. Consider a drive down to Florida, Upstate, or Up North (and just over the border). Or, how about a trip to the Caribbean, Mexico, or perhaps a sojourn down South?

Besides offering you the advantage to do your getaway, your way with plenty of sightseeing opportunities and a vast array of varying culinary experiences, you can spend the extra cash you would have otherwise spent on travel and fancy lodging on pampering the two of you with fine wine, fine dining and a romantic couples massage.

Another option, is escaping (“locally”) for a day or two and postponing your “extreme excursion” for your one-year anniversary. Take advantage of the overtime and in no time you can be taking advantage of your earning and some extra earned and well-deserved down time.

Posted on Oct 2 2006 7:51AM
By NYCityWeddings

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